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Today we have visual voice mail options on iPhones and Android devices —where messages are accessed via the Phone app, rather than dialing into a number to access calls, which requires listening for cues to push buttons, etc. It's a lot easier, since you can generally delete a message with a tap or a swipe.

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But what if you utterly hate and despise voice mail with a passion, and you don't want the service to be part of your phone at all, so you're never forced to listen to messages you don't want ever again? It's not always easy. In most cases you have to call the company dial or go to the retail outlet to turn off voice mail.

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A little lifehack: call your own voice mail and play music into it for a while, until the voice mail box is full. Never delete that recording, and you'll never get any new messages. Do it a few times if messages have a cutoff time. What it does is provide the code you need to set up "conditional call forwarding. The difference with No More Voicemail's version is, if you don't answer, the caller just hears ringing that goes on forever.

Once you want your voice mail service back, go into the app and it'll generate a new code to call. Note that the app services like Slydial and No More Voicemail aren't foolproof. The comments in the app stores are riddled with people having issues, but in NMV's case especially they're in there answering issues and trying to help. And if you hate voice mail enough, it might be worth it.

Eric narrowly averted a career in food service when he began in tech publishing at Ziff-Davis over 25 years ago.

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See Full Bio. This newsletter may contain advertising, deals, or affiliate links. Subscribing to a newsletter indicates your consent to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. You may unsubscribe from the newsletters at any time. PCMag reviews products independently , but we may earn affiliate commissions from buying links on this page. But I do think that once you find a mic that sounds good to you not based on some reviews or anything then you should stick with and make the most of what you have.

Surely that is a justified reason to think of upgrading? I love my mics. There are no substitutes for practice and proper guidance, for sure.

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The Avantone won hands down for this particular job. I just love this process! Great article. Love em both. Had the Shure since and most recently bought the SP. My only microphone is an SM I personally find it good enough; if I double the track and work on the EQ, panning and compression, I can get a good sound. However, the microphone I used before the SM was truly unusable. I think my purchase of the SM was good, but any more would have been unwarranted.

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Graham, you got me good with the title! The other is a Behrenger XM that a guy gave me in return for some mixing work I did for him. Let me tell you, I love it.

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Yet, almost anybody with any experience will tell you that you must have one. Is it similar to what Graham is saying about mics? Ah, the external mic preamp debate. I use it with an Art preamp. I do have a SM57 for cab micing and an SM58 for alternative vox recording, but the Behringer has been awesome.


Thanks for all you do Graham! The specific gear is only a very small part of the equation. Go figure. I have to agree. I learned this with instruments long ago. I could think of other places to spend that kind of money that would probably make a bigger difference than expensive mics.

This is really inspiring. Such an illusion, big waste of time. Very inspiring Graham. I love it. Speaking of Behringer, their Uphoria interfaces are super cheap and get some pretty awesome sounding recordings. I still use one of their equalizers when doing live sound. Otherwise, Behringer stuff does get the job done and nobody is the wiser. Great advice especially in this Internet addicted age!

Instead, grow your ears so you know how to make good sound and recordings.

Meaning of "loathe" in the English dictionary

There are also fun tricks you can experiment with in your studio as well. Bionic timing! I was digging on the web for ways to mod some mics I have been barely using. You convinced me to give them a second chance hehe. A couple of years ago i found a box with about 75 microphones in a pawn shop. All of them worked and I spent an afternoon trying them on different sources. They were all old tape recorder cheap stuff, but I learned a lot from that session. By the time I was recording an album of mine and I used them quite heavily that year. I ended up buying the cheapest one since it sounded best in my ears and worked best for me.

My point is, trust in what you have as Graham writes. In fact I often find cheap stuff to have more character and limitations that makes it more fun. By a mile. I had others before that were so much better. The KSM32 really for me was so bad I wanted to cry. Just so you know how bad I thought and think it was: I gave it away.

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Now I have a 20 bucks microphone, chinese, awesome looking… and awesome sounding to me at least BM unknown brand. AKG C is also a skillful workhorse microphone that will handle everything in any recording studio. Your email address will not be published.