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Besides being pretty, spare buttons are great to have around when one falls off your favorite sweater or you need a quick fix on a too-low shirt. That Philips head screwdriver will save you. Think about that. While you may need to replace some gauze and band aids over the years, never throw away a first aid kit. The last thing you want to do when your kid scrapes his knee is run to a local drugstore for peroxide wipes and Band-Aids. We learned that the hard way. Store that in the glove compartment! If you ever have paint left over after sprucing up a wall, save the can.

You might not use them for a few years, but you will eventually be thankful for that Le Creuset Dutch Oven. If you think you got one too many veggie platters from your wedding registry or you feel like you have nowhere to store those fancy cheeseboards, still keep them around. There are people who buy cheap clothes that are worn once before they either fall apart or they get sick of them—and there are people who buy the quality, pricier staples that you can wear for years to come. In case of a power outage, always keep a flashlight around—and remember where you put it.

Hint: Keep working batteries in them at all times so that in the event you need it, it actually works! This last one is a little random but hear us out: Not only is honey expensive, it also never expires. Kids get it when I'm six feet under. Sentimentalists want connection more than reason.

Practical choices for practical reasons. And "personalizable" is a word of questionable provenance.

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It goes off-road, is comfortable, safe, fits a ton of cargo, and will last forever. Still looks good outside a restaurant.

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For a sports-car person, any variation of the Porsche , for practicality, performance and funkiness. And many other respondents came up with various Subaru products as the one vehicle to accompany them through life. And the Porsche is the only sports car anyone mentioned as making logical sense to own forever. Particularly the spectacular Audi RS6 , which I find a damned near impossible proposition with which to argue.

But I'm pretty sure the current RS6 will someday be superseded by a new one and I'll lust after that one even more.

Plus Brian Scotto wants one, and I already resent his success over at Hoonigan. Trucks, from old F pickups to current Raptors, were also frequently mentioned. Ben Stewart skewered me for not mentioning my two Toyota Tundras.

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Suck eggs, buddy. Finally, proving she's the complete mom, Erin Riches, formerly of Edmunds. I forgot they even made those, but it's only three years since they stopped. These are the people who dream big and in great detail. And I'm staying away from Kashmir. His argument that it's a practical everyday machine is long and extensive. It is also, to me, totally unconvincing.

Mike Allen, who wrote for Popular Mechanics , hit the fantasist sweet spot with his post.

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Stupid fast, comfortable on long trips, happy chugging along in Lincoln Tunnel traffic. Those were three general categories of reasoning, and there's really only one vehicle that was mentioned for all three reasons. That, of course, is the Porsche I don't know anyone, even the most muscle-minded lunk or Brit-car loyalist, who doesn't look at the at least occasionally and think, "I could drive that thing forever.

Go up through all the permutations of this Porsche, , , , , , and whatever the new one is, and they all are staggeringly attractive.

Over the Sea ((Nils Noa Dub))

The new s will need rocket scientists using specialized supercomputers to keep them working well, but I get the feeling that the expense will be worth it. So I hereby pronounce, probably to the surprise of almost no one, that the one consensus car to drive and keep forever is the Porsche Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. Tesla Cybertruck to Challenge Popular Pickups. Every Electric Pickup Truck on the Horizon.

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